The Yukata Men’s or Women’s?

When choosing a yukata to wear as a dressing gown, for some women it is better to choose a men’s yukata. Is it a matter of pattern preference? No, the first thing to consider is height.

Look at the pictures of a couple of men and women in yukata. Do you notice that men and women wear differently? it’s difficult.

Next time, let’s take a look at videos of women and men wearing yukatas in authentic style. This makes it easy to see the difference. Even so, even the most casual kimono, yukata, is very difficult for women to wear.

Did you understand?

Female kimonos need a part of “Ohashori”.

It means “excess fabric in the midsection of the kimono that is folded over at the waist and partially concealed under the obi”.
It is said to be a style since mid 19th century.

The average length of a yukata for men sold in our shop is in 140-145 cm, whereas for women, it is usually around 150 cm. Women’s yukata is around 5-10 cm long because it creates a 7 to 10 cm “ohashori” part. In other words, for women, an extra long part of about 15 to 20 cm is required, so “150cm-15cm” is 135 cm. If your head is 20 cm height, It is good for a woman in 155 cm . So, depending on your height, a men’s yukata is a better choice for a dressing gown.

As for the yukata as a dresssing gown, the style of wearing Nagajuban as indoor clothes will be helpful as shown in the following picture. Nagajuban is an undergarment that is worn between underwear and kimono, but Japanese women also wore it as a dressing gown.

”Nagajuban”(1929) by Kotondo Torii

However, try to wear a yukata in authentic style. Looking at the following picture, do you want to challenge? This is a work “Yudachi(Shower)” (1967) by Hisako Kajiwara (1896-1988). Are they Maiko? Geiko? They may be preparing for a night stage in yukata. Looking at the outside, the shower began to fall suddenly.