The Yukata as dressing gown

We offer you a vintage cotton yukata as a dressing gown or bathrobe.In Japan, currently the yukata is generally worn only as a summer garment ,but it was originally worn as a bathrobe.

“Shoka Ujyo”(After the early summer rain,part,1932) by Shinsui Ito

The yukata is a long-sleeved single robe made of cotton fabric. Currently,i n Japan, in addition to relaxing after bathing at home, it is worn as summer clothes such as summer festivals, fairs, Bon dances…
It does not for wearing as street clothes, but is worn as an evening walk. The yukata should be worn on bare skin without using the undergarment. Women wear half-width bands “hanhaba obi” which is lightly shorter than normal kimono obis.

Yukata was first worn by ordinary people after 1500’s -1600’s when summer dance festival became popular. In the 1700’s, it was used not only after bathing some wore them instead of plain clothes.

”Onna yu”(Bathhouse Women) by Torii Kiyonaga (1752–1815).This is the earliest ukiyo-e painting depicting a public bath in detail.

Yukata is popular among young people as a summer garment. When wearing as street clothing, men usually wear a kaku obi or a heko obi, and women usually wear a heko obi or a hanhaba obi. However, these obis are difficult to tie. You will want to relax more when wearing indoors. Therefore, we recommend that men wear a cotton kaku obi and women wear a datejime sash.

Even in Japanese-style inns visitors usually wear yukatas in this kind of relaxed style. On YouTube, a manufacturer of yukata for inns introduces how to tie a obi simply.

The silk datejime sash for women is for womens underkimono garments but good as casual sash for yukata.

Enjoy yukatas in your own style !


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